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A Rainbow for Life Happy Sweet Angel


*27. 09. 2019

 Show Champion of Hungary, Waiter of the Interchampion, Waiter of the Champion of Hungary,

Regional winner, Regional winner
Hunting female "HUD"

Breeding female   -   Import SK  

Father:GrandCh Sk, Ch Sk, JCh Sk, JCh Cz, MultiNV Alfredo z Anvesu

Mother: Dream Dakota Angel from Slovakia

HD: A/A, ED: 0/0, PLA: 0/0

Malignant hyperthermia: 0/0 negativne

Gonio: negative

Full-toothed, scissor bite.


Show Champion of Hungary

Waiting for the champion of Hungary

Waiting C.I.B.

3x Regional winner

26. 9. 2021  -  CACIB Komárom -  Nedim Šuta (BiH)  -  intermediate class  -  E1, CAC, CACIB - started C.I.B. and Champion of Hungary

25. 9. 2021  -  CACIB Komárom -  Zsuzsanna Balogh (HU) -  intermediate class  -  E1, CAC - completed Show Champion of Hungary

24. 9. 2021  -  CACIB Komárom -  Kardos Vilmos (HU) -  intermediate class  -  E1, CAC, Res. CACIB, started Show Champion of Hungary

19. 9. 2021  -  Regional show dog Dolní Benešov -  Lenka Frnčová (CZ)  -  intermediate class  -  Excellent 1, Class winner, Regional winner

11. 9. 2021  -  Podještědská show dog  -  Kristina Vaníčková (SK) - intermediate class  -  Excellent 1

4. 9. 2021  -  Regional show Karlovy Vary  -  Božena Ovesná  (CZ) -  intermediate class -  Excellent 1, Class winner, Regional winner,

TOP 7 the best females of the show (Karel Hořák)

15. 8. 2021  -  MVP DuoCacib Brno  -  Lenka Frnčová (CZ)  -  intermediate class  -  Excellent 1, Res. CAC

13. 8. 2021  -  Regional show Kelč  -  Vladimír Piskay (SK)  -  intermediate class  -  Excellent 1, Class winner, Regional winner

8. 8. 2021  -  Regional show Týn nad Vltavou  -  František Šimek (CZ)  -  intermediate class  -  Excellent 1, Class winner

6. 7. 2021  -  Club show retrievers - Pink show  -  Grzegorz Weron (PL) -  intermediate class  -  VG

26. 6. 2021  -  MVP Intercanis Brno  -  Zofia Konderla (PL) -  intermediate class  -  Excellent 3 


23. 7. 2022 - Fall exams - Litohořský pohár - I. price, 2. place!!!

22. 5. 2021  -  Spring hunt dogs  -  Brno - Dvorska

Something about Loki:

Loki, how can you describe her without smiling while describing her. She could be described as a young, vivacious, self-confident and sovereign female full of unrelenting energy. She's nimble, she goes all out with lightning speed and precision. Just a small typhoon, in our kennel. :) She is the daughter of our second flatmate, Rai. (Alfredo from Anves "Rainbow")
She's smart as hell, I'd say. She wraps each one around her finger and then she would prefer to oil them to death. He is very, very contactable. He has a friendly nature and gets along with all the inhabitants of the animal kingdom, he simply loves everyone with his whole heart. She loves the water, just like her dad, and she could also join the family business of "dowry". (They will find water where you would be hard pressed to find it).
He loves retrieving or giving things, pulling toys - then choking them and so on. It's a toy. :) But don't worry, these are only toys, the flies wouldn't hurt. She lives surrounded by domestic animals and especially adores her horse brother, who reciprocates the same. In short, Loki is such a typical, constantly cheerful and playful flatmate. She is very perceptive and can be in complete rest mode, if needed, she will adapt.
It is very easy to operate. It can start from 0 to 100 and also throw the brake in reverse, turn around in flight, do a 3x jump and it is with you. :) It has good endurance and is a great companion both on hikes and anywhere else you can think of. So she goes everywhere with us and you are really sure that you can rely on her. Thanks to this, he can also spend time with us during work duties, whether in the forest, with horses, at events...

It is also doing very well on the exhibition field. She is a beauty champion and has won several other titles as well.
She would definitely shine even more if she was given space. Because the exhibition spirit has left me a little, it's not like before. But I believe that I won't be able to stand it and that we will still go to some exhibition to see and grab another champion.

On the work side, Loki is a very talented working bitch. It can be used for hunting and is used in practice, especially on water works. Her combination of flavor and relentless energy is perfect and very pleasing. He looks for tracks with ease, and then he won't bring the whole doe in his mouth. In the working environment, she was assigned a working nickname - "maniac bitch". (Not by us) :)
Although he is a hard worker, he can also be a charming princess and above all, a loving member of our family.

  Loki a sníh1 web

Loki a sníh web  Loki sníh3 web

 Loki 3 years.

  Loki 2 menší  Loki nese bažanta kopie menší  

Loki s bažantem menší  Loki a kytky kopie menší  Loki a králík kopie 2 menší

 Loki 3 kopie menší  Loki králík kopie menší  Loki králik 2 kopie menší

  Loki běží menší  Loki 1 kopie menší 

 Loki 3 r web  Loki 3 r1 web

 Loki nese bažanta 2 menší  Loki 3 r 3 web

 Loki 1 year. 

     DSC 5848 mrackova.com zmenšené  DSC 5713 mrackova zmenšené    

 DSC 5601 mrackova zmenšené  DSC 5547 mrackova zmenšené  DSC 5611 mrackova zmenšené

 DSC 5591 mrackova zmenšené  DSC 5857 mrackova zmenšené

Loki 6 months. 

 Loki 6 měsíců zvěř web  Loki 6 měsíců zvěř 1

 Loki 6 měsíců zvěř 3 web  Loki 6 měsíců zvěř 4 web

 Loki 6 měsíců zvěř 2 web

Loki 4 months. 

DSC 0075 kopie menší  Loki 4mes5 mensi  Loki 4mes3 mensi

Loki 4mes mensi  Loki 4mes8 mensi  DSC 0014 kopie menší

DSC 0105 kopie menší  DSC 0029 kopie menší  Loki 4mes1 mensi

Loki 4mes4 mensi  Loki 4mes7 mensi

Loki 9,5 weeks.

DSC 0265 DSC 0057 kopie menší

DSC 0040 kopie menší DSC 0089 kopie menší DSC 0301

DSC 0127 kopie menší  DSC 0166 kopie menší

DSC 0307   DSC 0297

Loki 8,5 weeks.

8 a pul tydne menší8  8 a pul tydne menší3

8 a pul tydne menší  8 a pul tydne  8 a pul tydne L3

8 a pul tydne menší1  8 a pul tydne menší12  8 a pul tydne menší4

8 a pul tydne menší 6  8 a pul tydne menší9  8 a pul tydne menší11

8 a pul tydne menší 7  8 pul tydne menší5

8 a pul tydne menší 2  8 a pul tydne menší10

Loki 4 weeks.

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