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You can visit us even when we don't have puppies

If you are interested in a puppy from our kennel, you can visit us even when we are still planning the puppies. We will be happy to meet the future owners in person and go for a walk together, where we will introduce the breed to you in more detail. You will see how it behaves, what kind of temperament it has and you will see if the apartment will suit you. More than once, we met great future owners and gave them the opportunity to get to know the FCR breed in all its aspects with their own eyes.


Puppy visits

Collection of puppies Visiting puppies is possible by prior arrangement and is possible only for our serious applicants for a puppy. (For future owners)

The appropriate time for a visit is after 4 weeks of age. Until then, they are mainly sleeping balls, and if they are awake, they spend this time stuffing their tummies and then go off into the realm of dreams again. Not only is sleep very important for their proper development and that is why the visit is scheduled after this specified age, but we also want you to enjoy the puppies too. Thank you for your understanding.

Raising puppies is a really demanding and exhausting process. (Parents with new offspring will surely remember the initial carousel and sleep deficit) In the same way, we devote all our time and the absolute maximum to the puppies and their mother. At the same time, we have our own job while raising puppies, so please take our time into account and keep to the set times of pre-arranged visits. Likewise, please be patient when contacting us, if we do not respond immediately, we will take care of the little thing under the supervision of the mother. (we wash, boil, prepare feeding, clean, look after and again wash, boil, clean...) :)

The most frequent question is also whether you can bring something to the puppies and the mother. Of course you can, and you will see for yourself how happy it will make them. Let's start with something on the tooth, because flat never disdains it. You can bring mom any dried meat treats and puppies, for example, biscuits or dried lungs. (They are beautifully soft and the puppies try them so easily). They will also be happy with any soft treats for puppies or high-quality canned meat. If you'd rather bring a toy, latex toys are the best at resisting puppy fangs, and if they squeak on top of that, you've got it in your pocket!! ;) They can't resist this combination. A durable soft toy will also make them happy, but it is necessary to pay attention to safety, so it must not have separable parts. (plastic eyes, nose)

Collection of puppies

Our puppies go to new families after 8 weeks of life. They will have been dewormed, first vaccinated, marked with an identification chip and checked by a veterinarian.
Again, please respect the agreed time for collection. We need to have enough time for each departure of the puppies to a new home.
During the visit, we will discuss how to take care of the puppy, what to get him, what is his feeding schedule, vaccination and deworming schedule, and we will handle the necessary documentation.
We will answer your questions and discuss everything else that interests you.
The puppy will receive kibble from us to begin with, which he is used to and some small things, then something with a smell from his mother so that he does not miss it.
We will include our created "handbook" for the puppy, FCI pedigree certificate, international pet passport, purchase contract and the BIGGEST TREASURE, our puppy.
And then... then we'll just hold back a tear and look forward to news from the new home. ♥

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