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To begin with, we would like to let you peek under the hood, how it all actually begins. Don't worry, we've summarized it very briefly as possible. :)

Breeding is a hugely responsible chapter in itself, enough for a book. It's not just caring for animals and taking full responsibility for their happy life. It is associated with a lot of joy, success, but also worries and sometimes, unfortunately, great pain. It's something you have to really think about and spend a lot of your free time on. In the end, you are responsible for the preservation and future of the breed, as well as for the beginning of the life of the little creatures and subsequently to provide them with a good life and offer the best to their new families. Our planning starts long, long before our puppies are born. It starts with finding a suitable groom who is not just that. In our kennel, we pay attention to the health, good character traits of the breed, genetic material both in terms of exterior and work. Therefore, the selection is a lengthy process, a lot of searching for information, health results of ancestors and endless studying of family trees. The health of our dogs is of course our top priority. That's why we select only healthy dogs for breeding, meeting all breeding conditions, as well as health tests beyond the scope of breeding conditions. And so, after all the processes and choosing a suitable cover dog and completing the formalities, we can gradually prepare things for the puppies. Above all, very careful care of the expectant mother. The female is properly examined by a veterinarian to determine whether the mating and subsequent pregnancy will not endanger her health. During pregnancy, she receives the necessary vitamins and minerals to keep the puppies healthy and strong. We still have a long journey ahead of us, full of purchases and a lot of expenses. But we will no longer burden you with this, if everything goes as it should, we will welcome our longed-for puppies.

Puppies are born right at our home. The birthing box has its place in our living room and thus ensures constant 24-hour care and supervision not only for the puppies, but also for their mother. We pay attention to proper socialization and strive for the most natural possible environment for their proper development. From birth, they have direct contact with their mother and siblings, even through this they learn proper behavior. In the birthing box, they have the opportunity over time to get used to the sounds of everyday household noise, but also to different smells and proper hygiene habits. Their room is later equipped with a game room with various types of entertainment, coordination exercises and general learning of new things. When weaning the puppies, we ensure a gradual transition to quality solid food. Together with the puppies, our female is fed a high-quality and complete diet, so that they get everything they need. Our puppies are used to both meat and quality kibble, and the new owner then chooses what to feed the puppy at home. They normally accept both types of feed, including suitable vegetables, fish, fruit, yoghurt, quality canned meat and treats. After some time, the puppies are gradually integrated into the normal life of the household, and at an older age, if the weather permits, the puppies visit the outdoor environment. There they have created a safe enclosure with the possibility of shelter, shade and also with a richly equipped playhouse. They get used to the hustle and bustle of normal outdoor activities and small farms around.

Socialization is very important for puppies. That is why our puppies encounter everyday, common situations and thus gradually become familiar with everything that awaits them in the world. Proper socialization also includes the necessary contact with people, which is why children also come to visit us afterwards, and the puppies are thus used to all handling and human contact. In short, we put all the love we have into raising our puppies so that they grow up to be happy, balanced and satisfied dogs.

The puppy will receive a few small things from us to start and a small thing with a smell from the mother. This is so that he doesn't miss so much and gets used to a new environment better, which won't be so stressful for him thanks to familiar things. Our puppies go to new families after 8 weeks of life. They will be properly dewormed and have had their first vaccinations, will be marked with an identification chip and checked by a veterinarian. In the new home, the puppy will receive the food it is used to from us and some little things to start with. Of course, the FCI certificate of origin, the international pet passport, means that you can travel abroad with your dog without any problems. A proper purchase contract and our "handbook" for the puppy, where you will learn everything you need. (How to take care of him properly, what to watch out for, how to train him, what are suitable food supplements, coat care, first aid, secret tips and tricks for the breeder :) and much, much more) You will find everything you need there, what comes to your mind A breeding service is also a matter of course. We also offer help with education, training, or, upon agreement, the possibility of babysitting.


We would like to stay in touch with the new owners and thus have information about our breedings, how they are doing in life. We do not insist that the new owners devote themselves to exhibitions, hunting training, or subsequent breeding. The most important thing for us is that our puppies are well taken care of and are a legitimate member of the family. A walk together, but also "just" news about how our little ones are doing in their new home. You will always make us very happy, believe me! :)

 A sample of equipment for a puppy from our kennel Rainbow for Life.

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