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* Litter "A" Happy Sweet Angel *


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Father: Ch SK, Jch CZ, Jch SK, NW Alfredo z Anvesu   X   MotherDream Dakota Angel from Slovakia

 "Rainbow"                                                  "Daisy"


3 liver female.

* Birthdate: 27.09.2019

  • * Date of coverage: 27.07.2019

 Each little girl has her own section with attitude photos after weaning. There you will find all the information about each of them - how they are doing in their new homes, their achievements and photos.


 A Rainbow for Life Happy Sweet Angel "Loki"


 Arwen Happy Sweet Angel "Lily"      

   Zelena3 zelena11    


  Arya Happy Sweet Angel "Kala" 

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♥ DAY 57 - 01/12/2019 - So here it is! It went like water and even the last two girls left, to their new homes and both to the Czech Republic. The first to leave was the green Arwen, or "Lily", to Olomouc, where she will devote herself to canisterapia. The second to go to a new home was the pink Arya, or "Kala", who remains in Slovakia. And the last to leave was the purple princess A Rainbow for Life, aka "Loki". And as the name suggests, her new home will be our kennel - where her daddy Rainbow lives, who is also the founder of our kennel. Loki will be preparing for hunting practice with us in the future, exhibitions are also planned. Well, if we wish, she will continue our breeding. But that's all in the stars, there's still a long way to go, and the main thing for us is that she likes it here, is healthy and happy, one of our girls. :)

We thank the breeder, Mrs. Ugorová, for her care of our common princesses. And we wish all the girls a beautiful, long and happy flat life with their super families! ♥



♥ DAY 50. - 24. 11. 2019 - Our brown girls will be 8 weeks old in just a few days, so they are already slowly preparing for their new homes. The first to leave the pack was pink Arya, or "Kala", who remains in her native Slovakia and will devote herself to hunting practice.

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♥ DAY 40 - 15/11/2019 - Cute balls have already become big ladies who show themselves properly. :) They have different personalities, but they can be angry just the same. The largest female musketeer is green from birth because she is the largest of the three musketeers. So he trains séger pretty well and wins every battle. Rózová was a bit calmer, but she doesn't let herself be embarrassed anymore and the score starts slowly and surely turns. It is said to be an action creature with a cute face. :) Violet is calmer, she can also tease her brother, but soon she stops enjoying it and goes to cuddle with "Super cute look - Pick me up already". :)

The couch potato, or Miss Purple. :)

♥ DAY 40 - 05/11/2019 - The girls have already had their first vaccinations, vet checks and are chipped. While waiting for the passports to be printed, they even had time to crunch. They say stress. :)

 A Rainbow for Life Happy Sweet Angel

 Arwen Happy Sweet Angel

 Arya Happy Sweet Angel

♥ DAY 31. - 27. 10. 2019 - Each of the girls has her own album with her first portraits and attitude. For more photos of individual girls, click on their photo.

 A Rainbow for Life Happy Sweet Angel 

 Arwen Happy Sweet Angel                                                                           ♥ Arya Happy Swet Angel

                zelena10           ruzova21                                   

 ♥ DAY 31 - 27 October 2019 - We visited the puppies. We brought in some goodies for everyone and cuddled up to our hearts content. (Although, is it even possible with puppies?) ;) After petting and sniffing the furry furs, we also took the puppies and took pictures of their first positions and portraits. The girls posed beautifully and for the fact that it was their first experience with a photo shoot, they were as skilled as models. :) Well, they really enjoyed the photo shoot. They have a beautiful dark brown color, shaggy coats and energy to give away. They are curious and fearless monkeys who like to discover new things. Well simply, they made us really happy. :)

 Arwen Happy Sweet Angel                                                                               Arya Happy Swet Angel

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 A Rainbow for Life Happy Sweet Angel 

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More photos can be found by clicking on the last photo.

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♥ DAY 24. - 20. 10. 2019 - The girls are 3 weeks old and are starting to run wild in the crate. They already fully observe the world with blue eyes and fearlessly explore the world. But, of course, rest is also still important. ;)



♥ DAY 13 - 09/10/2019 - The brown moles are slowly turning into puppies and gaining weight. They are not princesses anymore, but real princesses! :D Their personalities are already starting to show and they are slowly opening their eyes and exploring the surroundings. They also talk a lot, especially when mom dares to run off to take a one-minute nap on the sofa... :)


Dobrou noc, strýčku Fido...

hned1  spi  hned 


♥ DAY 2 - 28 September 2019 - The girls are thriving and gaining weight. Pink is always traveling, green is the chattiest and purple just eats, sleeps and is cute. :)

   Happy sweet4

Happy sweet5   Happy sweet6  


 ♥ DAY 1 - 27 September 2019 - 3 brown girls were born. They were given the colors of the ribbons: pink, green and purple. All are fine along with mom.

   Happy sweet


Mother Daisy and father Rainbow. 




GrandCh Sk, Ch Sk, JCh Cz, JCh Sk, MultiNV ALFREDO Z ANVESU

more info here.


    Show:   Grand Šampion SR, Šampion SK, Junioršampion CZ, Junioršampion SK, 4x Národní Vítěz, 4x Krajský Vítěz

Čekatel Šampiona Česka, Šampiona ČMKU, Čekatel Meznárodního šampiona kásy C.I.B., Čekatel Mezinárodního výstavního šampiona C.I.E.

       Work:    OVVR I. cena 228 b./232 b., 2x aport se zvěří, Nos 4. 

                  Health:   HD B, ED 0/0 , full teeth, scissor bite. Height: 62 cm.

Black carries brown Bb.   

Canine therapy dog used in practice.       

 DSC 9882  Nitra  DSC 0220   






Born:  31. 05. 2015

 Show: Excellent 1, CAC

Work: OVVR I.c.

Health: HD: A/A ED: 0/0, full teeth, scissor bite.

 Pedigree here.


Daisy4 Daisy2 Daisy1

Pedigree of puppies:

Rodokmen Happy

Here you can watch how our puppies develop until they are born: