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 Here in the diary, we are very happy to introduce you to the parents of the litter and the subsequent joys and gradual steps of our first litter "A".

From this union we expected black puppies with a brown temperament, balanced and wonderful natures that both parents have. We also expected a rather lively and temperamental individual with a knack for work, a nice exterior with a high-quality coat. Puppies suitable both for hunting practice and breeding - thanks to the interesting pedigree and aptitude of the parents, and also as family companions. Also suitable as companions for various dog sports or active tourism.

On April 13, 2023, a black girl was born to Loki and Arny.

And she met absolutely all the expectations that we predicted from this connection. A beautiful black bushy bear with an aptitude for work, a beautiful frame and a very, very active nature!


        Loki                                                                                       Arny

                         HSCh, KV                                                              Ch CZ, Ch SK, NV, KV, CCh RK

  Mother:  A Rainbow for Life Happy Sweet Angel               Dad:   Miracles Happen Oasis of  Peace

Pedigree of the litter "A":

Parent Information:

Mother of the litter

The mother of the puppies was ours Loki
(HSCh, KV, A Rainbow for Life Happy Sweet Angel)
female imported from Slovakia, after our successful cover dog Rainbow.


Loki is our first female, imported from Slovakia. Her father is our successful cover dog Rainbow (Alfedo z Anvesu) grand champion and multiple beauty champion of several countries. Whose blood is mostly built on Swedish Almanza bloodline.
On the side of the mother Daysi (Dream Dakota Angel from Slovakia), the genes of working lines and champions of work, from dogs that can be used for hunting in all aspects, meet again. Loki got the best of both sides from her parents. She is a show champion of the beauty of Hungary, a waiting for the Interchampion and champion of Hungary, multiple regional and regional winner, the best bitch in the breed. Her health results are excellent, and not only the mandatory ones. He has negative X-ray results of the hips, elbows and patella. But also a heart examination - malignant hypertemia and an eye examination for gonio, all with a negative result. She also has a scissor bite and full teeth. By nature, she is a balanced, more temperamental female with a constant good mood and a willingness to go all out in everything.

Read more about Loki HERE.   


Father of the litter

He was a successful father of puppies Arny
(Ch CZ, Ch SK, NV, KV, CCh RK Miracles Happen Oasis of Peace)
a dog from a foreign breed from Finland with a very interesting, foreign pedigree.

Arny hlava  Arny  

Arny is a dog from a foreign shelter in Finland. He has a very interesting pedigree, full of quality genes and foreign blood, from successful representatives of this breed. First, let's reveal something about Arny's background. Arny comes from the connection of the successful female Geisha Oasis of Peace, where her origin is also of pure foreign blood, she is a hunting usable female with the CACT title and multiple beauty champion with other huge show successes at club shows as well. His father is the Finnish dog Sniffens Star of Paronis, who is also a multiple beauty champion and also has hunting trials. This combination gave a highly balanced litter of exterior qualities and at the same time aptitude for work. This is also proven not only by Arny's achievements, but also by the achievements of his direct siblings. His sister is a European winner and the other sister won Res. BIS at club show. His other siblings win their classes at club shows and are also beauty champions. But now let's go to the introduction of Arny himself.
Arny is a very active dog with a good heart. He is a dog of ideal size, strong frame and beautiful exterior with rich fur. He has a nice, balanced personality and is preparing to take the canistherapy exams. His health record is also impeccable. Just like Loki, he also has an above-standard medical examination with negative X-ray results of his hips, elbows and patella. It also has an excellent scissor bite and full teeth.
Arny is successful not only at shows, where he is a multiple beauty champion, club champion and club winner of the entire show (BIS), he also qualified for the most prestigious Cruft's show competition in England.
He is also very successful in the field of work. He has passed the club exams in water work with the title Res. CACT and several club autumn exams always in the 1st prize. He and his wife are currently preparing for all-round exams.

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 You can find more information about Arny's parents HERE.

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✯ Odjezd do nového domova ✯

9.6. The moment has come when sadness and joy combine in one moment. For breeders, "plus one puppy" :D it's painful, it's hilarious for the owner of the new family member. And so it was already a few days sad for us before we said goodbye to Artemis (Ary). Fortunately, there is one remedy for this that can alleviate everything, and that is to choose the best owners for our little one. :) Since morning, Arya was like wild eggs. She flew around the house, the garden, ran amok with mom, stuffed her tummy. And so I thought, "just have fun and you'll sleep on the way to Prague". It should be noted that it is not easy to tire the little devil. After taking care of all the essentials, packing the equipment and showing the attitude, we gave Artemis a last kiss on the forehead, whispered in her ear to be good and set off with her new owners towards shared experiences and adventures. Arya will live in Prague, but sometimes she will also visit Moravia. Lots of hiking and action activities, dog aunts and friends await her. Hunting trials await her in the future, and who knows, maybe she'll even attend an exhibition. Already now he has the first last and most importantly, he has his loving family and that is the most important thing for us! Thanks to the owners for the many messages and photos already from the new home, and we wish them a happy life together with our black lovebird.

You can follow more information about Arya and how she is doing in her new home in her personal folder.
You can find it by clicking on the photo below.

✯ 8 weeks - Flying, flying and our black ball is already a big lady. Since Artemis (Arya) is staying with us after 8 weeks, we also had the last deworming and the last small claw trimming. He stays in the paddock sporadically and only for a night's sleep. Otherwise, he is a legitimate participant in the daily activities of our household. He participates in absolutely everything and is also absolutely everywhere. :D She manages to go out mostly outside, here and there she runs to the toilet with pellets, but of course she is still small enough to calculate that she won't be able to finish it. And so sometimes a puddle happens even where it doesn't belong. :) She flies like an unstoppable missile outside and really loves running around the garden, playing and discovering new things. It's also a perfect idea to provoke mom and chase around the garden like crazy. He must not let her breathe even for a moment. So Loki is a toy, so he doesn't hide from her and "fights" until the last moment until the little one falls away, he devotes himself to her. She also enjoys basting, so I meant Arya, but it's quite certain that we don't even need to talk about Loki...:) Ary is used to both pellets and meat with side dishes, canned food, vegetables, yogurt, fruit. Her weight is 7400 g. We also tried driving a car where she was fine, but from the beginning it was clear that she is an awl that prefers to run than sit still. And when she doesn't like something, she can express herself quite loudly. :D She is a very docile, clever and perceptive little girl. He knows how to summon, he hears his name, the command sit and half lie down. :) She can also show herself beautifully in the show position and tried retrieving/fetching, which she is good at and really enjoys. She met the feathered and the furry. She likes to look for treats in the sniffing rug and is most successful with the rustling tunnel and hanging bells with sticks. She likes to play and have company, but she can also be an independent, brave and penetrating fighter. Every morning when she wakes up, she goes outside to use the toilet, then plays alone in the paddock for a while and finally rings the bell and plays with sticks. :D This always gives such a sign that Satan is already ready to create daily mischief. :)

"Well, our little girl, we really did everything to make you a healthy, beautiful, balanced and contented lady. So that you have a beautiful and long life with your wonderful family." ♥


✯ 7 weeks - How to start, probably with the slogan "It's everywhere". :D Artemis (Arya) is a versatile helper in the home and in the garden. Chasing the vacuum cleaner at home or running in a puddle in the garden, watching the chickens and petting them, there is always some fun to be found. She likes to participate in everything, learn about it, taste it and fly like a jet mouse. May is a sign of celebration in our country, so socializing has been in full swing for some time now. The weather is absolutely in our favor, so the girls are practically always outside enjoying all the company. So I have to admit that I noticed an interesting tactic with them, when in the beginning they almost just slept before the visits and then they made up for it even more when we were alone. :D But the little one's sleeping time has already shortened a lot, and so she shows a lot of unrelenting energy even to visitors. :) He and his mother are a great couple and they can run wild together as if they were torn from a chain. We cut her claws again, because the little ripper likes to punch her in the face, and we didn't really want to keep an eye patch from her as a souvenir. :) The vet also came to visit us, he checked both girls and said that they are both in excellent condition and in excellent health. Artemis (Arya) received a baby bee as a sign of her first vaccination and subsequently chipping. She also got a petpass so she could travel abroad with her new owners. Well, she was brave, the only thing she was interested in and getting upset about was wanting to see what the vet had brought?! It can be a nice rage, you have to let it go. Its weight is 6300 g and no wonder, it can hold a lot. :D Otherwise she's amazing!! So docile, smart, fearless, handy... She knows that she should walk outside on the grass and at home, in case of emergency, she goes to the toilet by herself in the paddock, which she has been used to since she was 4 weeks old. Everything we can think of for it, the left rear can handle. The test of the first show position came out immediately the first time, she rose herself like a complete pro. She is amazing! And if she still throws her angular eyes at you with a look, ala the cat from Shrek, she has you in her pocket once or twice. :)


✯ Artemis is 6 weeks old. ♥

(See the horns, that describes her perfectly) :)


✯ And here is week 6 of our Artemis. I can't help but praise her to the heavens, what a clever girl she is. She can run when called, she reacts and knows her call name (Aria - carried away) and she knows the sit command. She has already tried to carry a fetch performed by a small dummy. His coat has been shiny and bushy for several weeks, like a bear preparing for winter. He cuddles, plays, bites and is always inventing something. She keeps us company throughout the house and likes to assist in preparing her feeding in the kitchen. Home appliances are already boring and such rustling plastic needs to be ruthlessly disposed of. She also still enjoys stuffing her navel and her weight is 5300 g. The third deworming was also done. He flies like an unstoppable missile in the garden, he really enjoys being outside and loves it! Chasing the lawnmower and helping to garden is a great distraction when he's not chasing momma Loki or walking around the garden with us. And that behind the garden they are cutting wood with a motor or circular saw, well, that's a good time to take a nap and she's not surprised at all. She really is a smart young lady who got along well with us and is not afraid of anything. It's already becoming a little bit clear that it will be sad at home when our only puppy leaves the world. The first puppy and an only child, it doesn't pay! :D Well, even more so, she has the best start in life and you know that he gave her the best of the best and a piece of his heart. ♥


✯ It's going like water and Artemis is "celebrating" 5 weeks with us. She is already a beautiful young lady who is still busy and enjoying life to the fullest. He responds beautifully to being called and is our go-to goat. At home, he discovers what is possible and shares the household with us to the fullest. Those are the advantages of only children. :) When she's tired, she goes to "clean up" in her place in the playpen, where she has a bed. A vacuum cleaner, rustling bags, or a hair dryer are no problem, you can get a good night's sleep with it. :) And hitting the paper box was fun the first time. Her current pastimes are tangling in the curtain, pulling mom's tail, chasing rabbit fur, and playing with a coconut. She also tried the sniffing rug and the doll for the first time today! She drove like a dragon! Here we see someone very gifted for the job...:) Above all, it is necessary to thoroughly research everything and move forward fearlessly. It's just don't be afraid! And outside? Geez, that's a shot like crazy, she really, really likes it there. She's already explored the flower beds, the string tarp (it's so much fun to weave under), tasted the dandelions, and flocked to see the hens and roosters. Well, one adventure after another and always full of energy. The main thing is to watch mom, what and how it is done, then it's a piece of cake. We've been trimming his claws again because he has them like pirate hooks every week. :) Loki still takes good care of her and Artemis is happy to let herself be taken care of. It also does not suck during feeding, so its weight is 4400 g.


✯ Artemis is 4 weeks old. ♥


✯ Artemis is 4 weeks old and she started with a beautiful weight of 3376 g. She is a super foodie, she can handle feeding from a bowl without any problems and she tasted her first porridge a day ago. Of course, you also need to see what mom has for a snack, and yogurt is also said to be a great treat! He is already running beautifully and has had his second claw trimming. This was done without any protest and like a proper lady she had them nicely adjusted. He plays with his mother more and more and it is beautiful to see how they can play together and cuddle lovingly. We can only recommend the location of TV shows. :) The weather was kind to us, so she looked at the garden again for a while. On that occasion, she managed to smell and also taste the new environment and posed with her mother for the family album. :) We also increased her paddock at home, because her birthing box was getting a bit tighter. (or also to all the stuffed animals that live in the box with her) But despite that, she likes to leave the gates of her county and run around the living room, play with her mom or enjoy cuddling. It then just sits and stares like the cat from Shrek to draw attention to itself. Another great fun is biting mom's ears with his fangs, which even Dracula wouldn't be ashamed of, or massaging her head with his paws. Loki appreciates this a bit more and even seems to enjoy it immensely.
We come up with new stimuli for Artemis every day, and visitors are starting to arrive little by little, for proper socialization and petting.


✯ Artemis is 3 weeks old. ♥


✯ Our Artemis has already completed 3 weeks in this world. And every day he experiences new things and makes great progress. Well, it's not for nothing that we called her a little "robo-hoe" after she was born. :) Because it was unreal how fast he moves and how fast he learns new things. It is the same now. Towards the end of the week, we also tried the first feeding from a bowl. She immediately knew what to do and expertly fed herself from the bowl. She also had her first taste of meat porridge and she enjoyed it. She is already walking nicely and set out to discover the outside world to feel the first rustle of grass on her paws. The first teeth also appeared and she started defecating on her own. So we set up a toilet with pellets in the box. Is it surprising to anyone that as soon as the toilet appeared in the box, she went outside on her own? :) Well, that remained with her and she regularly goes there to relieve herself. She is a really clever little devil who can already bark nicely and is starting to organize her first matches.

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✯ Our little girl is 2 weeks old and has a name. ♥

We introduce you to:

Artemis hunter Rainbow for Life


✯ 4/26/2023 - Little Miss is already 2 weeks old. She was quite busy this week. The claws were cut for the first time, then the eyes started to open slowly and today the first deworming took place. I have to say that she managed everything perfectly with an asterisk and was very clever. Loki's mother had to assist in cutting the claws, as it was not done without an initial protest, but she peeled off the dewormer like a raspberry and went to sleep. :) He is already trying his first steps and holds his head beautifully while he tries to explore the world around him. Loki is still taking very good care of her and they have also started their first games where the little one is trying to test the limits of defiance. But mom Loki quickly explains that to her and the little one is like an angel again. Although, he can bark nicely. She is outgoing, enjoys cuddling and is a nice eater, she finished the second week weighing 1767g.
Photos from the claw trimming event. In the first photo, you can also hear the initial protest. Fortunately, it wasn't as bad as it seemed... :)


✯ Our little girl is 1 week old. ♥


✯ 19/4/2023 - The little girl is 1 week old and doing great. He's still sleeping, pooping and gaining weight every day. She started on day 8 with a weight of 1089 g. Loki takes excellent care of her, feeds, cleans and is just the right kind of careful mother. She has already gone for her first walk and was very happy about it, but as soon as she gets home the first thing she does is check on the little one.



In the early hours of the morning, at 4:16 to be exact, we welcomed a beautiful black baby girl into the world. The birth happened quickly, naturally and without complications. Both girls are fine and enjoying each other. ♥

Loki, like a proper flatmate, ate until the last moment, before giving birth, during and just after giving birth. :D At 4 o'clock in the morning, her amniotic fluid broke, followed by a few contractions, and within 16 minutes the baby girl was born at mom's milk bar. :) Loki knew exactly what to do and immediately took care of the puppy. The baby girl had a birth weight of 480 g. In the morning, Loki underwent a follow-up sonographic examination and was examined by a veterinarian, who stated that everything was completely fine. We already knew that we would have one puppy based on the fact that Loki had a smaller belly. But we are all the more happy and grateful that she handled it all beautifully, it was very quick, natural and without complications. Malinka is amazing, she is gaining weight beautifully and her mother is taking good care of her. :)

The little girl has a future owner, so we don't have any puppies to reserve.



✯ For the sake of interest, we add the Breeder's diary, where you can follow the puppy's growth day by day. :)


10/4/2023 - We are anxiously awaiting the arrival of the puppies every day. And with increasing symptoms, we suspect that it will be soon. Loki is resting, getting ready, and in the meantime, some real Mexican waves are happening in her belly. Waiting is sooo exciting, but we understand that puppies have to properly prepare for this world. :) We are really looking forward to them! ♥

 ✯ 2/4/2023 - So we report that we have all the things ready and as Loki plans it, we can start. Loki regularly goes digging and preparing a place for the puppies. Today is the 55th day and the puppies have been moving for several days now, and let me tell you, they are pretty savages. Sometimes they seem to be quite athletic. Sometimes it's a flip and other times they send a straight kick. :) Simply darlings already, we are very much looking forward to them and I believe that not only Loki will have fun with them. :D Fingers crossed, it's coming soon...♥



✯ 29.3.2023 - So it's already been 51 days that our Loki is pregnant. On Monday, we built the crate and Loki took to it immediately. She goes there to relax by herself, and last night she even started digging in it. We are very happy for her, how quickly she got used to the crate and she obviously likes it. :) We have already started full speed preparations and preparing things both for the birth and things for the puppies. Loki is slowly recovering and resting.



  Lweb9 Lweb8

✯ 23/03/2023 - Loki 45th day of pregnancy. There was a check-up at the vet, where everything was in perfect order. It's really an experience to see something like a small skeleton, a beating heart and actually a new life on the screen for the first time. ❤ I personally only see various smears from the sono images...:D So for me it is all the more joy to be able to see something more. Loki is doing great, we are still keeping her in good physical and mental condition. The first sun has already drawn her to her favorite sunbeds on the terrace. He already receives food for pregnant and lactating bitches, vitamins and sometimes yogurt or cottage cheese with fruit, and most of all, now he loves carrots more than ever! In addition, we always grow enough of it for the horses. :D You can already see her calming down and she is already starting to conserve her energy and rest more and more. Well, there's nothing to be surprised about, the birth comes out on the Easter holidays and that's already a bummer! At the weekend, we will build a birthing box so that Loki can gradually get used to it. So far, she has only trained in it during its production, and she has helped a lot with that. We are happy that everything is going well so far and we hope it will continue. We will contact you again soon with a new report.



 web3  web6 web5

✯ 13/03/2023 Today, Loki is 35 days pregnant and is slowly changing before our eyes. A few days ago, she started the second half of her pregnancy, and her belly is starting to grow slightly, and her mammary glands are also more prominent. Some time ago, she got really big, and in general, visible changes can already be observed in her. If we thought her appetite couldn't be increased any more, we were sorely mistaken...I hope this is already the hunger ceiling. There have even been some attempts to steal food, which surprised the otherwise reliable Loki. :D Hopefully it won't eat us in a while. We have to tame her appetite so that the puppies are not too big. That's why we always keep her in good shape and treat her to walks every day, as she is used to. We just don't take it with us to work anymore. During the entire pregnancy, Loki receives vitamins and is fed the high-quality feed that he normally receives. She is starting to calm down a little bit and is very happy to come and be petted. She also likes to use the new drybeds we bought for the birthing box. So we're glad she likes it already. :)

32 day of pregnancy


✯ Today, on the lucky date of 3/3/2023, we went to the VFU in Brno, where it was confirmed that Loki is pregnant!! ❤
Everything was fine on the sonography, we also caught hearts and the fetus correspond to the number of days since mating. We hope that it will continue like this and if everything goes well, we could welcome the puppies into the world around April 11. To all those interested in puppies, thank you for the beautiful congratulations and for carefully following our events. We will contact everyone after the birth when we know the exact number of puppies and their gender. 

✯ For your interest, we are adding a pregnancy calendar, where you can follow what is actually happening day by day. :)


✯ On Thursday 9.2. we allowed Loki and Arny to meet again and there was an overlap. Again the meeting was very passionate and sparks were flying :) the tying took 30 minutes.
Despite all the passion, this time we managed to take a few photos as a souvenir.
In about a month (read infinitely many days) we will find out if the coverage was successful. Wish us luck! :)

✯ Today 7.2. we went to see Arny. Today's special day fell on our lucky seven and it couldn't have turned out any other way. :)
Arny liked Loki a lot, and she liked him too, so it was love at first sight! According to that, it also looked like that...:) Well, what about us? We are very happy!! ❤

✯ So it's Monday and we eagerly went to VFU. There, the progesterone level was checked again, where they confirmed that the right time is approaching...:) We are leaving tomorrow.

✯ On Friday we went again for another progesterone at VFU. The reading has gone up quite a bit since the last visit, so we're scheduled for a progesterone checkup on Monday.

✯ On Monday 30.1. we visited VFU in Brno to find out Loki's progesterone values. At the same time, a control sono of the ovaries and uterus was performed, which turned out excellent. A vaginal smear was also performed in the same way and again excellent. However, the progesterone level was still low, so we will go for another check on Friday.

✯ Loki had had enough of constant poetry about the groom, so she decided to hurry up a bit and started on Tuesday 24.1. to rage Next week we are going to the vet, we will check the progesterone level and determine the right day to cover.