Puppies from SK

Little girls thrive and gain weight. Pink is still traveling somewhere, green is the most talkative and purple is just eating, sleeping and cute. :)

  More photos and information about litter here.


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♥ We have puppies! ♥

On September 27, 2019 Daisy and Rai gave birth to 3 brown and beautiful princesses! Mum and all puppies are fine.


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We will have puppies!

At the end of the holidays we got great news and that Rainbow will become a proud father again. We have pregnancy confirmed from Slovakia and in a month we can look forward to black and whelping puppies! More information coming soon!


 Daisy a Rainbow ♥


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Rainbow celebrates its 9th birthday!


On Saturday 3.8. For us again, this was the most important date of the year! And this is the birth of our amazing Rabbit! ♥ It's been incredible 9 years since we do great things side by side, give joy and enjoy a beautiful life together. ♥ And even if the time flies so, it is still a grown puppy full of joy, energy and without a single gray hair. (Everybody, including the vet at preventive checkups guesses him for 2 years). We only want it to stay that way! ♥ This year it was a little overwhelmed with the gifts, but for the work and patience in it, it deserves it all! But beware, perhaps the biggest gift is still going to be given by Rejíček ... be surprised. :)



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A new pedigree!

So I played a little bit with the graphic and tried to create a new and stylish pedigree for Rejíček. You can judge for yourself if I was successful.. The entire family tree in full resolution you can find in the section "Our dogs" - Rainbow...


PP s logem


We have a new logo!

I had a moment so I created the final form of the graphic logo design for our kennel. The dominant feature of our logo is silhouette of our amazing dog: GrandCh Sk, Ch Sk, Jch Sk, Jch Cz, MultiNV Alfredo from Anves - our beloved Rainbow!! Another thing that can't be missing is the name of our kennel - which is the name of fateful dog: "Rainbow" and what he means to me (Rainbow for life).
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3.8. we had a celebration because our Rainbow was borne!

♥ I love him! ♥

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DSC 0017

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12.3. 2017 our little Sesi would celebrate her 17th birthday

It was enough for her to be here with us for 17 years ... it is still too hard to accept the fact that she is no longer here even though she is still somehow. Whether in dreams or subconsciously, when you look and see it in the corner of your eye ... lying and sunning in the garden or on the sofa ... We miss everyone, even Rieckie. Every day we go to her, just say, "We go to Sesinka." and she's running away ... She was a Persian lady, but still curious as a kitten. She was trained as a dog who listened to the word, but she was also offended. There was a lot we've been through over the years and how she taught me how to perceive the animal world. There's no day I can't remember you, it still hurts too much. We all miss ...


(here you can remember Sesinka ...)


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Rai passed a complete preventive examination yesterday and the results could not be better! Rajíček has everything in the best order and his health corresponds to one year old puppy !!! :D

I can't be happier!

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Rejíček 3. 8. celebrated his 6th birthday.

He again enjoyed his cake (this time mass) and enjoyed the new toys. ♥


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Dog expo Nitra: Rainbow - Champion class: Excellent 1, CAC, Grand Champion of Slovakia !!!

("Very nice type, very good neck, chest, nice top and bottom line, typical angulation, very nice handling.")



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