GrandCh Sk, Ch Sk, JCh Sk, JCh Cz, MultiNW
Alfredo z Anvesu

 * 3. 8. 2010

Grand champion Sk, Champion Sk, Juniorchampion Sk, Juniorchampion Cz, 4x National Winner, 4x Regional Winner


Color test - Bb - black carrying brown!            Certified canisteraphy dog!

Sir: C.I.E., MultiCh. Whizzbang's Highway To Hell

Dam: Blues In Black Brianta



  • HD B, ED 0/0,
  • Eyes: free, PRA: free, Gonio: free (by parents)
    Rai is complete dentition, has a scissor bite.
    Test the color: Bb - black with brown trait!



                                      iko-vystavy                  iko-zkousky



Rai is a retriever at its finest. He has nice character, he is sociable, lively, happy and active flat. He loves fetching things, he adores swimming and is capable of doing every task he gets. He goes especially well with children. He is friendly dog with huge heart, his family is everything for him. He is determined to do even the impossible to please his master. He is not aggressive towards any other animals, or males. He is quick to learn thanks to his inborn intelligence, he understands commands almost instantly, so that is greatly trainable dog. At exhibitions, he has great results and gets great awards since he was a puppy. He is a multiple champion and has great success in CR and abroad. He is an appealing type with lustrous fur. Rai has complete dentition, has a scissor bite, dark eye and he is 62 cms high. He is a dog of strong structure and of correct size. He has beautiful deep chest, nicely arched neck and a male head with kind expression. He has the right angle of his limbs, strong and straight ridge with correctly attached tail, wich is constantly waving. Rai do not lacks prowess at hunting, gamekeepers and even judges at exams are happy about his skills. He is always happy to do his job, he is persistent, quick and precise. At the momenty, we are preparing for another hunting exams and for canistherapy. He can fetch many things - buckets, baskets, he is able to close the doors or to help you to put your cloths off. He reacts on commands and gestures. He is really intelligent, and what's most important, he is a true best friend.



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